Hotel Management System

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Key Features of the System

Qojent Hotel Management System has been built using lastest web technologies. Following are some of its key features:

User-friendly: Intuitive and easy to use web-based user interface. No need for too many configurations; to make it simple and user-friendly, we have only included necessry features.

Complete:Covers all the departments of a hotel in a single integrated system. Apart inventory menagement system.

Easy to Install and Configure: Web-based system, accessed using browser, no need to install in indibidual computers.

Works Offline as well as through internet:

Non-intrusive security features protect against misuse and unauthorized access manages by user name and password. User gets access to the pages based on one's role and privileges.

Provision to customoze the software as per needs of individual hotels.

Responsive and Prompt Support: Unwavering support of Chilliquest in implementation, installation, training, technical assistance, operational help, troubleshooting and product updates. We foster relationships by being responsive to all of our customers' needs and by taking the initiative to address them.

Affordable: The software itself is free. We only charge a reasonable fees if you need our support, training or customization.

No need to have dedicated IT staff: for implementation and and operation of the software.

Variety of reports for the users as well as menagement. It is a comprehensive menagement information system.

No limit on number of users, computers, or points of sale

Sending reservation confirmation email, thank you email on check-out

Reservation waiting list and alert when other reservations are cancelled or altered

Manage reservation of multiple properties from one location:

Intergration with Tally Accounting software - though this system covers complete financial accounting, for those hotels who use Tally, the system can be configured to import sales into Tally without requiring to manually enter vouchers in Tally.

We take the duty of being responsible for our customers' happiness very seriously. We constantly endeavor to infuse best practices in all our solutions, to help our customers achieve true happiness. The software is continuously improved to boost customer experience and meet changing needs.Apart from our own research and development, we regularly collect feedback from users to improve the system.

Modules of the System

The system broadly covers the following modules and sub-modules. All these modules are seamlessly integrated together to reduce redundant works and provide enterprise wide management information from a single point.

Front Office

  • Rate Management
  • Facilities
  • Reservation
  • Guest registration
  • Reservation of multiple properties from one location
  • Reservation confirmation email
  • Guest check-in/Check-out
  • Thank you email on check-out
  • Graphical view of reservation chart
  • Guest search
  • Cancellation of reservation and registration
  • Housekeeping
  • Room maintenance plan/blockage
  • Various day-to-day and management reports

Point of Sale

  • Restaurant, bar, laundry, any other point of sale (configurable)
  • Defining groups and items
  • Order management
  • Bill preparation and printing
  • Cancellation of orders and bills
  • Various day-to-day and management reports

Human Resource & Payroll

  • Detailed employee information (personal details, service details, etc)
  • Organization structure (departments, divisions, etc.)
  • Defining allowances and deductions
  • Auto-generation of payroll (with provision to edit)
  • Various day-to-day and management reports

Store Inventory

  • Supports multiple stores
  • Items can be categorized and grouped at two levels
  • Defining minimum stock levels
  • Complete requisition process
  • Goods receipt from purchase
  • Goods transfers between stores
  • Goods issues for consumption
  • Damage and disposal
  • Rejection-in (sales return)
  • Rejection-out (purchase return)
  • Various daya-to-day and management reports

Finanacial Accounting

  • Complete financial accounting package
  • Seamlessly integrated with other modules (reducing works of accountants drastically)
  • Account group, sub-group and ledger accounts
  • Cost centers
  • Supports various type of accounting vouchers
  • Different level of control measures
  • Process of certifying, verifying and committing accounts(vouchers)
  • Supports bill-wise accounts
  • Graphical view of reservation chart
  • Division.unit level accounts as well as consolidated accounts
  • Various day-to-day and management reports (from registers to final accounts and analysis

System Administration

  • Role based user management
  • Control access to each page and report at user level
  • Control editing and deleting of data
  • Audit trail
How we can Help You

    The standard software package itself is free and we did a free general training, supported by TCB. Further we feel that a personalized training at your hotel will be very helpful to ensure that full potential of the software is accomplished. Hence we proopose to work closely with your hotel to:

  1. Provide personalized training to all the departments of your hotel,

  2. Do complete implementation and configuration of the system, and

  3. Customize the software and further build a number of new features that will add value to your business.