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Chilliquest starts work on Audit Resource Management System (ARMS), a project awarded by Royal Audit Authority

Posted on Dec 28, 2011

The project goal is to develop a web-enabled Audit Resource Management System (ARMS) for internal use by Royal Audit Authority (RAA). ARMS will include General audit management; Audit planning and programming; Resource scheduling; Risk assessment; Automated workflow management; Resources sharing and field documentation; Automated knowledge sharing between audit divisions, teams, and auditors; Human resource management; Asset and inventory management; Field monitoring and evaluation; Quality assurance and control; and any functions recommended and agreed to by the RAA. The RAA head office and regional offices in the country will use the system. To be completed in June 2013.

Chilliquest starts work on Bhutan Biogas Database System procured from Netherlands Development Organization (SNV)

Posted on Oct 21, 2011

The project involves developing a web-based database system for recording information about survey and construction of biogas plants under the Bhutan Biogas Project. The users will be project staff and livestock officers. The system will also analyze and generate various statistical reports related to survey and construction of biogas plants. To be completed in December.

Chilliquest awarded the Tax Exemption and Monitoring System Project from the Tourism Council of Bhutan and Department of Revenue and Customs

Posted on Sep 21, 2011

The project involves developing an online system to be used by tour operators, hotels, Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and Department of Revenue and Customs (DRC). Tour operators and hotels will be able to use it for customs duty and sales tax exemption for imports. TCB will verify the application and recommend to DRC for approval using the online system. The system will also generate detailed, summary and analysis reports on tax exempted import of various items from different countries. Scheduled for completion in September.

Chilliquest awarded the Tashel project - its first major work from Tourism Council of Bhutan and simultaneously a hotel management system development project

Posted on May 21, 2011

Chilliquest starts work on Tourism Council of Bhutan’s Tashel System (Tourism Information Management and Costing System) starting this month. It is scheduled for completion in December. TCB initiated this to promote the Royal Government’s emphasis on e-governance. It involves developing an online system to process visas for tourists visiting the country, processing payment and generating statistical and analysis reports. There will be two components in the system: first, an online system, accessible by tour operators in the country to apply for tourists’ visas, and the other an internal application for accounting and processing visa. The internal application will be used by TCB and Department of Immigration. Druk Air can also access the system to verify tourist visas. Tour costing and invoicing is to be automatically generated by the system based on the applications submitted by the tour operators and endorsed by TCB.

The second software that Chilliquest is developing this month is a hotel management system, a comprehensive system for management of a hotel. The system will be developed as a product covering the requirements of hotels in Bhutan and will be designed as per accounting and taxation rules prevailing in Bhutan. It will broadly cover reservation, billing, accounts and inventory. The project is scheduled for completion in August.

Chilliquest Technology Launch

Posted on May 17, 2011

Chilliquest Technology, a company dedicated to providing premium but the simplest possible, user-friendly and affordable IT-solutions & services was launched today at the founder Aditya Sharma’s office-cum-residence. It was borne out of his vision to cater to the technological needs of both government and non-government organizations, focusing especially on the private sector businesses, with quality but simple software products and follow-up services.

The company mandate goes beyond monetary goals and aims to built up a Bhutanese clientele that does not have to outsource its work to non-Bhutanese professionals.

Aditya Sharma, the CEO/founder of Chilliquest has an impressive list of credentials: he has 10 years’ experience working as a software designer, programmer, business analyst, team leader, and project manager. He has also worked in various capacities in Asian Development Bank and European Union-funded projects.