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Chilliquest awarded Construction Development Corporation Limited Website enhancement and Fixed Asset Management System (FAMS) project

Posted on Jun 01, 2015

Chilliquest will be working for the next three months (till 31 Aug 2015) on Fixed Asset Management System for CDCL - a software solution that will streamline fixed assets management, depreciation and asset inventory tracking activities. It will be a comprehensive and seamless integrated solution that will perfectly suit businesses of any size. The software will be developed fulfilling the reporting requirements of tax rules and company’s act of Bhutan. The software will allow organizations to consolidate multiple registers for group reporting purposes while simultaneously maintaining discrete financial data and improving accuracy of fixed asset accounting. This software will be designed to be of great help for filing tax returns, which will generate accurate and professional depreciation schedule. The project also includes enhancing CDCL’s corporate website.

Construction Development Board awards “eZortin development” to Chilliquest

Posted on Dec 09, 2014

Chilliquest will be developing eZortin – a construction management and information system for CDB. It will be formulated as a nation-wide information and management system for the construction industry in Bhutan. All the government ministries, departments, autonomous agencies, corporations and NGOs will use the system.

The system eZortin will comprise of three components: 1. Construction registration and performance: Using this, contractors and construction professionals will be able to register online so that CDB can verify and approve registrations; 2. Online Construction Industry Information System and Online Evaluation Tool - Using this e-tool, the above mentioned authorities will evaluate construction tenders as the system records the history of all construction works in the country; 3. Website –This will be CDB's corporate website where among others, tender notices will be published. This system will also enable sending of tender notices/amendments through SMS alerts. Scheduled for completion on 16 May 2015.

Chilliquest launches work on a Bhutan Post Project

Posted on Aug 28, 2013

Chilliquest starts work from Aug 2013 till March next year on Bhutan Postal Corporation Ltd’s Management Information System. It aims to be an online enterprise resource planning (ERP) system covering Accounting and Financial Management, Postal Services, Inventory Management, Human Resource Management, Point of Sale, Philatelic Management, Community Centre Information Management, Customer Relation Management, Organization Structure (information on Post offices) and Service Tracking. It will take the shape of a centralized web-based system accessed through the Internet and will be used by all the post offices and community centers throughout Bhutan.

Exclusive Google team visit and interactive session

Posted on May 25, 2013

Chilliquest received three visitors from Google on a two-day visit: David Hewitt (Industry Manager, Banking, Google, Australia)Anand Tilak (Regional Manager, Agency Business & Sales Development) and Carlos Moller. The team spoke to Chilliquest about the working culture at Google: active knowledge sharing on technological know-how, management and guidance were some of the activities involved in the mutual interaction.

New Year Celebrations “Chilliquest style”!

Posted on Jan 01, 2013

Chilliquest celebrated two years and a new beginning thereafter with a New Year picnic at Bjemina on New Year’s Day. The Chiliquest team, true to its nature of harmonious synergy and “simplicity” had a peaceful, fun-filled get-together including a quiz competition and cultural activities namely singing and dancing to strengthen the ties of friendship & familiarity between the employees & authorities which, it is hoped, will go a long way in consolidating the strong professional bond of solidarity and teamwork.