Fixed Assets Management System

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  • Fixed assets form a major and integral part of any organization but several of these organizations struggle with management of their fixed assets, as they do not have an orderly or proper fixed asset management system (FAMS). This results in a lot of additional problems/unnecessary burden for the organization especially at the time of tax filing.


While fixed asset management system can yield substantial tax savings in depreciation deductions, the history, current condition/status and projection of assets can be retrieved from the system at a single click of the keyboard.

Maintenance and Support

    Free maintenance and support will be provided for six after the implementation of the project. Services under this support includes only support for problems related to this software and does not include network/computer/virus related problems. During the support period following services will be provided:

  1. Operational help

  2. Solving system errors

  3. Office, Home and Mobile No. to be made accessible to the client for support

  4. Problem Requests (PRs), i.e., systems problems within the initially agreed scope, to be resolved free of cost

  5. Change Requests (CRs),i.e., changes or additional features not included in initially agreed scope, to be analyzed and done under separate arrangement after negotiation.

Key Features

  • Web-based

    FAMS can be accessed through the Internet (online) and does not require installation of the software in the client computers.

  • Tax Compliance

    FAMS ensures proper tax compliance for any tax that users may be required to pay.

  • Depreciation method

    FAMS helps evaluate the value of a fixed asset at any particular time after deducting its depreciation in value over time, particularly due to wear and tear.

  • Multi-location

    FAMS records assets that are transferred from one particular location to another.

  • Custodian

    FAMS provides detailed records of assets under different/new custodians.

  • Reports

    FAMS auto-generates 24 reports on an organization’s fixed assets to keep track of asset-related information.